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When you donate to D.A.S.H. your money stays right here in Cooke County to serve your neighbors. We rely solely on local donations and the generosity of our community. A gift of any amount is appreciated and can go a long way in delivering a meal to someone in need.

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Monetary Donations

Your monetary donations help keep D.A.S.H. running. In a typical month, it takes approximately $2,000 to provide and deliver hot meals to our patrons. 


Food Donations

Thankfully, our partners like area grocery stores and food banks help D.A.S.H. provide nutritious meals. Food donations to D.A.S.H. are accepted and greatly appreciated!

In 2016 D.A.S.H. served 12,971 meals at cost of $2.02 per meal

Regular monthly expenses include; Labor $1200, Telephone $35, General Liability Insurance $56, Average Food Costs $700.

  • 5


    Provides a fresh apple or orange to six meal patrons.

  • 10


    Provides milk to eight meal patrons.

  • 25


    Provides all the foam trays we will use in a weekend.

  • 35


    Provides a boiled egg in each meal we serve on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • 50


    Provides yogurt in each meal we serve on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • 75


    Provides milk to each meal we serve on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • 100


    Will pay for the meat or protein in each meal we serve on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • 250


    Buys one case of ground beef, which serves 2 full weekends.

Delivering and Servicing the Homebound (DASH) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Our organization runs solely on private donations and receives no federal assistance. Please consider donating to help us serve our community.

PO Box 996
Gainesville, TX 76241
[email protected]

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